A collaboration between Urszula Dawkins and Peter Lyssiotis, WHAT SHE WANTS is both a journey of queer desire and an ode to the metropolis, combining lyrically erotic stories with a series of intriguing, abstracted cityscapes. The book is traditionally printed and hand-bound in an edition of ten. In the style of the French livre d’artiste of the early 20th century, WHAT SHE WANTS extends a tradition that began with the private exchange of erotica in the form of the precious object.


WHAT SHE WANTS was selected for the 2013 Manly Artist Book Award and Libris Award exhibitions. Acquisitions include the rare books collections of the National Library of Australia, State Library of Victoria, Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, and several Australian universities.


Dimensions: 299 x 391 x 23 mm. Printed on Magnani rag paper on a flatbed litho proofing press;  hand-bound using traditional methods. POA.


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