Taking inspiration from the Northern Romantic notion of the alienated outsider, Urszula Dawkins and book artist Peter Lyssiotis explore the trope of the Winterreise or ‘winter journey’ – whose protagonist, rejected by the world, embarks on a path through forbidding forests and harsh weather to approach a new relationship with the self. Like Schubert’s famous song cycle, this Winterreise is a story of trepidation, sublime nature, life, death, and personal unfolding. But its weary traveller, though German, is not lost in the mountains: rather, the desert. Weaving imaginary paths around the legend of Australian/German explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt, and reflecting on the conflicting human drives for independence, achievement, love and security, Winterreise is currently under development; a sequel to WHAT SHE WANTS and a travelling companion for Wandering.


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