Urszula Dawkins


Urszula Dawkins is a creative writer, journalist, editor and mentor. Her creative work blends fiction, memoir and theory; while her journalism encompasses literary and narrative forms as well as critical arts writing. As an editor she specialises in both academic writing (e.g., philosophy, creative arts, social sciences, cultural studies) and working with non-native English speakers.


A meticulous editor, Urszula has helped writers on five continents to perfect their work. Her skills include copy editing, structural/substantive editing; adaptation of PhDs for book publication; supporting creative arts practitioners to develop academic exegeses; and mentoring students and academics in English expression, grammar and syntax, text structuring and planning, and editing and proofreading techniques.


Urszula’s journalism is based on a strong traditional approach, combined with formal creative writing technique to tell complex and multilayered factual stories. A particular interest is the use of narrative nonfiction to convey academic research findings accurately and accessibly; and documenting complex projects engagingly and compellingly for general audiences.


Urszula’s lyrical fiction, non-fiction and hybrid writing has been published in several anthologies and presented widely in performance. Recent projects include the limited edition artists’ book, WHAT SHE WANTS (2012), with artist Peter Lyssiotis; Solitude (2013), a spoken-word/music work with violinist Sarah Curro; ‘Field Work, Prospekt: Femme–Butch in the Arctic Landscape’ (2016); and an ongoing series of handmade chapbooks, titled Wandering.


Photo: Arjen de Leeuw